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Creative Hair Colouring

Whether you want to change your look, experiment with trendy colours, cover greys, or brighten up your natural locks, modern hair colour gives you the versatility and the convenience to achieve your goal. Our award-winning product prioritises the health of your hair, just as much as the colour and with a rainbow of hair colours available at your fingertips, the only limit to your look is your imagination.

All of our team are highly qualified colour technicians having participated in colour trophy awards and been a finalist for 3 years running.


All-Over Hair Colour

There are three levels of permanence when it comes to single-process hair colour: Permanent which chemically changes the colour of your hair, demi-permanent contains no ammonia, but does include peroxide to help hair absorb colour and normally washes out within 12 to 24 shampoos  or semi-permanent, acts more like a stain and washes out in about 6 to 12 shampoos.


Two-Tone Hair Colouring

Techniques that include just 2 shades – a base hair shade and one more for lightening strands, darkening, or enriching with colour and includes classic ombre, sombre, frosting or balayage.



Highlights are usually lighter streaks aimed to enhance natural hair texture and brighten locks. They differ in shades, size, and placement. Many women opt for highlights to naturally transition from a dark base hair colour to the lighter one without extreme bleaching. The two most popular types of highlights are traditional foiling and free-hand hair painting techniques.


Foil or Meche Highlights

Is a more precise way to apply colour to hair and can help create the illusion of volume for fine hair. The use of the foil or meche allows the stylist to apply different colours at the same time, which is great for adding layers of dimension as well as, provide more even coverage throughout the hair.



Add depth and dimension to hair colour letting the beauty of the natural colour shine through.  Lowlights add darker shades to create contrast and let the base colour be the star of the show.



Literally means “shaded” in French, and that is the perfect way to describe this popular style. Hair is left darker at the roots, and gradually lightens to the tips.


Is a softer version of ombre with only a shade or two of contrast between roots and tip colour making it look more seamlessly blended.



Perfect for short choppy haircuts as only the tips are bleached or lightened by several shades adding dimension and interest to the base colour.


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