Semi Permanent Eyebrows


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Semi permanent makeup is a non surgical method of implanting natural pigments into the shallow layers of the skin. This can be to create fuller and coloured lips, defined eyeliner, or natural hair stroke brows.

Rather than microblading which is a similar method performed with a hand tool that reaches even more superficial layers and therefore fades much quicker on an average of 3-6 months, a digital machine reaches a greater depth and so can last between 1-4 years depending on skin type. The treatment altogether is approx 2 hours and includes a top up 4-6 weeks after the initial session.  These timings include consultation, colour choice, pre drawing the outline and hands on treatment. Anaesthetics are used throughout the treatment for complete comfort and the highest standards of hygiene are always met.

Nina has been in the Beauty industry for over 16 years and with her artistic flare and eye for detail she can create any kind of desired look and outcome for clients of all ages and skin types. She was also the Judging Director for Micropigmentation UK for 4 years- a prestigious annual conference and awards ceremony consisting of all the top experts, masters and speakers from the industry worldwide.

Whether it’s defined eyebrows, perfect eyeliner or sumptuous lips, Nina is here to help you achieve your most natural or defined look. Her passion for precision and artistry is second to none. Nina consistently creates permanent makeup that enhances and improves facial features. Her clients see how her high standard of work can renew and improve their look and image, which is why they have absolute confidence and peace of mind and continue to return to her and recommend her to others.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Beauty Therapist – Nina


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